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Groom's attire

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

Guys, I feel like I've been neglecting you in my #weddingplannerandherwedding blog journey. It's all been about the bride so far. Apologies. This one is allll about you. The grooms.

Why is the focus always on the bride? It's just as much your day.

The one thing keeping me sane in the wedding planning process is my groom. He is exceptionally good at keeping me grounded. I might not always like what he has to say, especially when it's a no to something I've had my eye on, but that no is always for a reason, delivered with care and love! So here's to you, I raise my cuppa to you, the grooms who often get somewhat overlooked despite being 50% of the day!

So, your outfit. You, like the bride have a whole world of options out there. Who says she has to wear a big white dress, and you have to wear a stifling hot 3 piece suit? Tradition. And possibly elderly Aunty Karen... and a few other relatives will have an opinion. But guess what, everyone has opinions on EVERYTHING. You will never please everyone, so just focus on you and your partner. It is your wedding day, and you have to wear the outfit.

I'm a big believer that your wedding day should represent you as a couple. So if you guys want to wear jeans and trainers, then embrace it and ignore the haters.

Or even better, follow the lead of Rag'n'Bone Man and his now wife. They opted to wear a tracksuit on their wedding day and encouraged all the guests to do the same. LOVE! And to top it off, the bride Rouy wore custom made cat-print tracksuit apparently inspired by their Sphynx cat Patricia. I'm so sad that I wasn't invited to the wedding.

Tracksuit wedding

Image: Sky

Imagine the party they had, no painful feet in heels. I'd dance for days.

If you want to embrace the slightly more traditional look and wear a suit, you still have options!

Budget friendly

Save the pennies and wear a suit you already own. Perhaps splash out on a new shirt, and accessories such as a tie or pocket square that match the bridesmaids.

If you have a best man/ushers/groomsmen, no problem. Mis-matching is so on trend right now. Have all the boys wear their own suits and if you want to, grab the same accessories to tie you all together, not literally mind, that would be slightly odd, and a whole different kinda wedding!

Mismatched groomsmen

Image: Engaged and Inspired

I love that all the guys are wearing mis-matched shades of grey, with matching white pocket squares. The accessories and button holes are the distinguishable feature to set them aside from the rest of the wedding guests, and they all look super smart.

High Street / Off the rack

Fancy treating yourself and/or the groomsmen to a new suit but still on a budget? No problem

There are oodles of High Street stores that sell and hire suits for special occasions.

The most popular being Moss Bros. With hundreds of different types of suits to buy and hire, there are endless possibilities and combinations.

Similarly, the High Street offers similar services in countless stores. My favourites are Next, T.M Lewin and M&S.

Be aware of smaller independent stores too, offering the same service. I try and support local businesses as often as I can. I've used Simon's store a few times, and am never disapointed, BIG shout out to Hire 5 in Guildford, Surrey.

If you're not a fan of stomping the high street and prefer the comfort of your own home, there are endless sites offering a similar service. My favourites are Asos, Suit Direct, and Peter Posh.

Decide whether you're buying or hiring and also who's paying! There's no right or wrong way in my opinion. I've been a part of many weddings where as a bridesmaid I have contributed towards the cost of my dress and the groomsmen have done the same with the suits. Equally, I've been a bridesmaid and the dress has been purchased for me, and the same with the suits. If you're asking your groomsmen to contribute towards the cost of hiring/buying, be respectful of the budget. You know how you'd feel if you suddenly had to shell out hundreds of pounds for an outfit for someone elses wedding day, you don't need me to tell you that.

Equally, best men, groomsmen, ushers....if your bride/groom is buying your outfit for you, lucky you. Be respectful of their choices.

Blue Suit

Source: Asos

I'm a big fan of the colour of this beautiful blue suit. Linen in the summer can be tricky to wear as it creases easily, but it'll help keep you cooler if it's a hot summer's day.

Tailored Suit

Pushing the boat and want to treat yourself to a tailored suit? Fabulous. There isn't much sexier in the world than a man in a well fitted suit. *Dreams of Daniel Craig in James Bond*

Sorry, I'm back.

Right, tailoring. It's not cheap, but that's for a reason. And if you do find a cheap one, then ask yourself why. It's probably for the same reason.

There are plenty of tailors across the UK. (In London, the best area is Saville Row). Do your research, look at reviews, be prepared to invest. This is your chance to shine, you can be as creative, and as bold as you wish.

My groom had his suit tailor made within Moss Bross. That way, all the boys fabrics and colours matched but his stood out. He chose everything, from the cut of the jacket, the thread colours, the lining, the button types. He even had a message embroidered on the inside with our names and wedding date. He LOVES it. And looks super handsome in it.

Tailored suit

Source: Sarto

I adore the colour of this suit, and could be worn in any season. Don't forget about your accessories too, a decent new pair of shoes will make a huge difference.

Love colour and prints?

Why not go for it?

Be brave, BE YOU!

If you can't stand out on your wedding day, when can you eh?!

Here's a few of my faves...

Source: One Fab Day

check groom suits

Source: One Fab Day

Source: Rock My Wedding

In summary....boys, do it your way. This is your day, just as much as your partner's. You should feel comfortable, confident and content on your wedding day, and your outfit, if it's the right one, will help with that.

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