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Wedding dress alternatives

When I first started thinking about what I might wear to get married in, I panicked. I could not imagine myself in a big white dress. I love getting all dressed up, and am a bit of a girly girl. I love anything that sparkles and shimmers and am a total magpie in that respect. I'm nervous already at the prospect of walking down the aisle infront of so many people, let alone in something I'm not used to wearing.

My staple uniform is skinny jeans, blazer, sparkly top and occasionally killer heels or awesome boots. Maybe I could incorporate that bit of style into my wedding attire? (Have a read of How to find your wedding dress!)

My mum was MORTIFIED when I first mentioned wearing jeans down the aisle.

Normally I'm the biggest advocate of 'You do You', but I also knew I'd really regret not at least trying to be a bride for the day.

I asked myself what was putting me off...and I realised it's because I was more worried about being centre of attention and out of my comfort zone.

So, I went off and tried a variety of traditional dresses, a suit, and settled on my dress eventually. I went traditional, massive princess ball gown style. Who'd have thunk it!

That said, for others... something a little non traditional might be the answer.

Here are a few of my absolute faves...

The Black Dress

Image: https://www.jadeesson.com/ Source: Rock & Roll Bride

The sustainable wedding dress

Source: One Fab Day

Complimenting styles

Source: Green Wedding Shoes

Two pieces and jumpsuits

Source: Pridezillas

Dip-Dyed Dresses

Source: Lucy Can't Dance

Why does a dress have to be white or ivory?

Source: Essence.com

For more inspo, check out Green Wedding Shoes article on using a pop of colour here.

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