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How do you plan a wedding?!

So...you're engaged. Congrats.

Now what?

Hours after my other half asked me to marry him, the questions started.

Have you picked a date?

What sort of dress do you think you'll have?

Who are the bridesmaids?


Please can we just enjoy our post-engagement bubble?

Hands up, I am obsessed with weddings. And it's true that I have been imagining my wedding for as long as I can remember...but give us a second to enjoy the moment!

I've mentioned before that I struggled with the idea of planning the wedding when we first got engaged. I LOVE planning other peoples...clearly, but with ours I felt this immense pressure to have the most incredible day because I plan other peoples for a living. Fast forward a few months and I finally realised that none of that mattered. The only thing that matters is that I found the right man, and that we are committing to each other to spend the rest of our lives together.

So, cue the realisation that suddenly we should probably start doing something, if for nothing else, to answer the incessant questions!

First things first...

start by reading my 'he just proposed, what do I do now' post here.

second, breathe.

third, this is my list of priorities in order:

1) What are your priorities, what do you both want, and how do you both envisage your day?

2) Decide on a realistic budget of what you can AFFORD.

3) If you need help with design, budget planning, sourcing suppliers I'd strongly suggest hiring a wedding planner to do a 'full plan' for you. (I know a really good one!)

4) Decide on a venue and put together a guest list (these two come hand in hand, as your venue capacity, may dictate the length of the list)

5) decide on a design concept (colours, theme, style)

6) start booking suppliers (my blog on 'how to choose your suppliers is here.)

7) pick your bridal party (watch out for my blog on this, coming soon)

8) make sure you have wedding insurance

9) send out save the dates, invites, collate rsvp's

10) put together a timeline/schedule of the day to ensure you have everything you need, and everyone else knows what they need/where they need to be and when.

Still not sure? Get in touch with me, we'll chat, and I promise that you'll feel better afterwards. You've got this.

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