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High Street Bridal Gowns

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

Earlier this month, High Street favourite 'H&M' launched the ultimate 'budget' wedding dress at just £59.99 which attracted praise and criticism from brides and fashion critics alike....

The £59.99 H&M Dress. Photo Source: Daily Mail

And remember the Top Shop range from 2012?

Photo Source: Daily Mail: Richard Nicoll's TopShop Bridal range

It got me thinking about other High Street options out there. Some may argue that every bride should have access to affordable wedding dresses; however the critics out there may believe that brides should be wearing the most special dress of their lives, and is that option available on the High Street?

Britain's favourite department stores all offer extensive wedding departments...


Photo Source: BHS - 'Sophia' dress under £150


Photo Source: House of Fraser - 'Shubette' dress under £200


Photo Source: Debenhams - 'Phase Eight Sally Tulle dress' under £300

MONSOON (I know, it's not technically a department store, but it still has a beautiful wedding gown range!)

Photo Source: Monsoon - 'Helen' dress Under £500


Photo Source: John Lewis - Phase Eight 'Gardenia' dress £750

And let's not forget about those local couture shops out there that pepper our high streets, often offering one-of-a-kind dresses for a fraction of what you may pay for a popular wedding designer's style.

Many of us are choosing to shop for our bridesmaid, flower girl, Groom's and Usher's outfits from the High Street and online these days so why not the Bridal gown too? Even if you're fortunate enough not to be counting every single penny in your wedding budget, there are some beautiful gowns out there which are often modelled on 'designer' styles but made to 'High Street' prices.

Wherever you decide to buy your dress from, or whether you have a bespoke gown made for you, follow these key tips on 'The Dress Quest' - put together by Martha Stewart Weddings.

1) Set a budget

2) Start early (remember to schedule in time for at least 3 fittings)

3) Do your research - what kind of dress do you want? It's also a good idea to try on a dress that you would ordinarily say 'no' to, you might surprise yourself!

4) Make appointments - most bridal stores will require an appointment, even in high street stores i's unlikely that you'll be able to 'walk-in'

5) Limit your entourage - it's a good idea to bring people with you who you trust to give an honest opinion

6) Primp beforehand - it will help give you an overhall image of what you'll look like on the day

7) Step out of your comfort zone - try something you wouldn't usually go for.

8) Forget about size - who's going to know that your dress is a size 6? It's not important. Taking a dress in is easy, letting it out can be tricky.

9) Track the main contenders - take photos of your dresses or take detailed notes

10) Read the fine print

And remember, ENJOY your dress quest - if you're struggling to find the perfect 'one' then get in touch with me, Gilly Keat from Amore Star Events. I can help you suit your dress to your theme, find the perfect retailer, or designer and even help you with coordinating your accessories.

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